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V. Weird Inheritance Cycle Fic
burning_night wrote in finish_my_fic
Title: World Waiting On A Miracle
Author: Libbstarz here, StuffRocksInnit on FF.net.
Fandom: Inheritance Cycle
Pairing: Ends up as Nasuada/Murtagh
Rating: T?
Warning: Angsty, maybe violence
Disclaimer: Don't know nowt.
Summary: "It is five years since the Varden fell. Eragon and Saphira are bound to the king, the elves and their forest have been destroyed, the dwarves are slaves and the Varden's leaders prisoners. But there is still hope. The New Varden hide in the Spine, waiting."

Story: Basically, Galbatorix won the war and everything's gone to pot. Eragon, Saphira, Murtagh and Thorn are all the King's slaves, Nasuada is a prisoner, Arya and Islanzadi are dead, Orik's working in a mine and Orrin's missing. Angela, Roran and Jormunder have created the 'New Varden', but they're hard pressed to even survive, let alone overthrow the King. It would take a miracle ;) I have six chapters written, with 10,611 words in total. 
Where were you trying to go with it?: What happens is, Eragon and Murtagh go on a mission to find 'The Heart of Alagasia' and get captured by a hidden city. There, they're chosen as Guardians of Alagasia, and Murtagh is entrusted with the Heart. Freed of Galbatorix, they must find the other three Guardians and bring an end to Galbatorix's reign. I have quite a lot of it planned out, so it would be quite an easy one to take up, though it's a long story.
What would you like to see done with it?: Just write it. Really. I got quite a good response from it, and I'm sure people would look forward to hearing the ending.
What would you not like to see done with it?: Eragon/Arya. Which is pretty hard since she's dead. I don't really mind if people deivate from story I planned, I did it about three years ago when I was really immature as a writer (kinda makes me embarrassed to write about it now) and it's pretty bad and weird plotting, so you can go somewhere else with it. Also, I didn't add in any adult themes, but I don't mind if people want to do that.
Notes when crediting: Is credit required? How would you like to be credited?: All I'd want is for whoever takes it to say "I've taken over this story from Libbstarz/StuffRocksInnit." I can link you to my journal or profile.