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To any that have fics on
mod_maintainer wrote in finish_my_fic mods are doing a crack down on fics that violate their TOS. All yesterday and today, fics and accounts have been removed without warning if your summary has a curse word or if you have explicit sex in the rated M section. You can read what others are experiencing at

As an alternative, many are backing up and moving their fics to AO3 (Archive of Our Own). If you are not a member and don't want to wait for an invite, you can request one at the links below. Also, if you are a member of AO3, please share some codes at the links below.

Thank You

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Hi, I was wondering if you knew, are the mods mostly just deleting stories with bad words and such in the summaries, or are they actually reading stories to find ones with explicit sex? Are they only policing the M-rated section? Are they deleting people's complete accounts for this or just stories?

I'm trying to decide what to do with all my sex fic. :D I've got them up everywhere else as well, but I like having them on because I get some reviews and can track how many people have read a story and such.

So far it seems as if they are only targeting the ones with bad words in the summaries. They as in their bots. I still have fics up there that they haven't found. I've seen some on the tumblr tags talk about how their whole account was deleted.

I tried emailing the mods asking to get my story restored to edit out the bad word and they said they wouldn't because it contained MA content.

Well, I've got all my stories backed up just in case. What would happen if you reuploaded this story and changed your summary? Did you have it backed up?

I'm going to leave my stories up and just see what happens. I don't believe I have anything in my summaries that could set them off, except maybe the word "die." Are they picking on that, have you heard? I read that "kill" and "blood" are setting them off, which is ridiculous.

I'm debating on reuploading it. I always save my fics in word before uploading them to

I haven't heard of those other words being triggers but I wouldn't be surprised.

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